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Blog Feb 15, 2015 Asilo St. Regis, a disgrace to Mumbai’s nightlife

Asilo, a plush rooftop lounge, sits on top of the St. Regis hotel. That’s what they say. In reality, far from “plush”. Allow me to explain why.

Blog Jul 31, 2014 Clubbing today has just become a routine!

Back then, this is how we visualised Trance Music – fantastical, futuristic and other-worldly.

Blog Jul 31, 2013 How to transform any road to Mumbai roads

In this tutorial, you will learn how to quickly transform any beautiful road to Mumbai roads in 7 simple steps.

Blog Jul 28, 2013 Further proof that anti-piracy organizations are run by morons

DCMA didn’t even bother to go through the page. As much as I am against piracy – I’m very much against stupidity and dumbness as well.

Blog Jul 20, 2013 Sadly, there is no cure for stupidity

The average IQ of our Aam Janta is below 69, or in other words extremely low. And I’ll explain why.

Blog Aug 6, 2011 Why Men Want Sex And Women Need Love

There’s an entire treasure of knowledge to be discovered in this book titled ‘Why Men Want Sex And Women Need Love’ by Barbara & Allan Pease.

Blog Feb 3, 2011 Food for thought

The best way to survive education is to decide very early what you want to do with your life, based on your personal interests, and what qualifications, if any, you would need to pursue this as a career. Keep in mind that the person who knows how to think needs no teachers. 90% of what …

Blog Dec 10, 2010 Trance assholes!

Trance music has gradually picked up and a lot of folks everywhere who love music have come to embrace its beauty. Ten years ago, very few knew what “Trance” music was all about and it was generally counted amongst the alternative styles of music. As 2010 is slowly coming to an end, I see a …

Blog Jul 5, 2010 Studies? What?

So this guy barely having command over his English calls me the other day for a job opening. Showing no interest whatsoever, I decide to entertain him for a couple of moments. (I honestly don’t like disrespecting people no matter how stupid they might come across as) Anyway, back to the phone call. [alert type=”success”]Recruiter: …

Blog Jun 26, 2009 Reduce the size of your .FLA files!

Flash is being used extensively around the web since a long time now. From websites to banners to full-fledge applications, and a lot more. I myself use a lot of Flash for all the banners + websites I design.

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