Withdrawal Limits for Games


Product Design


Daily, weekly and monthly withdrawal limits were introduced on the gaming platform as a measure to encourage players to reinvest their winnings in more tournaments.

  • Players began participating in more tournaments to use their funds which resulted in a significant increase in user engagement
  • The platform benefitted from improved financial stability, as the introduction of withdrawal limits ensured a more predictable cash flow, reducing the risk of excessive withdrawals
Withdrawal Limits for Games


Prior to implementing withdrawal limits, users were allowed to withdraw their winnings immediately, without any constraints. While this flexibility was appreciated by them, it often led to players withdrawing their earnings shortly after winning, resulting in reduced engagement and participation in subsequent tournaments.

  1. Defining the Limits: Withdrawal limits were carefully devised to strike a balance between user convenience and the objective of increasing engagement.
  2. Communication: Transparent and clear communication was crucial. Users were notified about the introduction of these withdrawal limits on the app.
  3. Gradual Rollout: Rather than imposing limits abruptly, the implementation was gradually rolled out. The daily limit was first introduced, followed by the weekly and monthly limits after a few weeks, allowing users to adapt to the changes gradually.

The introduction of withdrawal limits proved to be a successful strategy in enhancing user engagement and retention on the platform. By striking a balance between user convenience and business objectives, the desired outcome was achieved.

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