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To diversify offerings and tap into the growing e-commerce market, a video-led e-commerce integration was introduced by collaborating with top fashion stylists and brands to create engaging content. This allowed viewers to seamlessly transition from watching to shopping.

  • The conversion rate for products was 1.5 times higher compared to traditional e-commerce platforms. The interactive shopping experience and real-time recommendations played a crucial role in this success.
  • Brands saw a significant uptick in sales after partnering with MX Player. The direct link between videos and e-commerce transactions proved to be a powerful sales driver.
Video Led E-Commerce

Use Case Scenario

Sarah is an avid fashion enthusiast who stumbles upon a video that features a renowned fashion stylist showcasing the latest trends, giving style tips, and even offering exclusive discounts on the showcased products. Intrigued, Sarah decides to engage with this unique form of e-commerce.

  1. Discovery Phase: Sarah is initially drawn to the content while browsing through MX Player. The captivating visuals and the promise of exclusive fashion insights pique her interest.
  2. Engagement Phase: Sarah tunes into the video and is instantly captivated by the fashion stylist’s charisma and knowledge. The stylist is not only showcasing various outfits but also explaining their style, quality, and versatility.
  3. Interactive Shopping: The magic happens when Sarah sees an outfit that she loves. Instead of just admiring it, she can now interact with the video. By clicking on the “Buy Now” button, a page pops up showing details such as price and available sizes.
  4. Seamless Checkout: To complete the purchase, Sarah is directed to a seamless checkout process right within the MX Player app. She securely enters her payment details and shipping information.
  5. Post-Purchase Experience: After completing the purchase, Sarah receives a confirmation email with her order details. She continues watching the video while eagerly anticipating her new fashion find.

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