Music Streaming


Product Design

The incorporation of music streaming into the platform created a unique convergence of video and music content for MX Player. This groundbreaking feature was attained by partnering with to offer users an integrated music streaming experience.

  • The integration of music streaming significantly increased user engagement – users spent more time on the platform, switching seamlessly between video and music content
  • Users appreciated the convenience of having video and music content within a single app, providing positive feedback on the integration
  • MX Player’s unique offering of video and music content within a single app gave it a competitive edge in the OTT industry
Music Streaming

Use Case Scenario

Tina, a 28-year-old marketing professional and a long-time user of MX Player recently heard about the new music streaming feature in partnership with and is excited to try it out.

  1. Discovery: Tina opens the MX Player app on her smartphone. She notices a new “Music” section prominently displayed on the app’s bottom tab bar.
  2. Exploration: Curious, Tina taps on the “Music” section to explore the new feature. She is greeted with a vast library of songs, albums, and playlists from She starts browsing through different genres, searching for her favourite songs and artists.
  3. Creating Playlists: Tina decides to create a playlist for her upcoming road trip. She easily adds her favourite tracks to the playlist by tapping the “+” icon next to each song.
  4. Personalisation: As Tina continues to use the music streaming service, it learns her music preferences and suggests new songs and playlists based on her listening history.
  5. Seamless Integration: While listening to music, Tina receives a notification that a new episode of her favourite web series is available. She taps on the notification and seamlessly transitions from music to video streaming, all within the MX Player app.
  6. Quality and Performance: Tina is impressed with the high-quality audio streaming and minimal buffering. Throughout her road trip, Tina enjoys uninterrupted music streaming.

Tina’s experience with MX Player’s music streaming feature was seamless and enjoyable. She appreciates the convenience of having both video and music streaming within the same app, making it her go-to entertainment platform for all her content needs. MX Player’s partnership with has transformed the way she experiences music on an OTT platform, creating a holistic entertainment experience.

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