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Product Design

User Account

A login wall was introduced to nudge users to create accounts or log in, thereby increasing user engagement, personalising content recommendations, and enabling better tracking of user preferences.

  • Lead to increased user engagement as logged-in users tended to spend more time on the platform
  • With access to user data such as age and gender, MX Player was able to deliver more relevant content recommendations, increasing the likelihood of users finding content they enjoyed
  • Collecting names allowed the platform to personalise communication, making users feel more valued and connected to the service
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Implementation and Strategy

  1. User Authentication Options: MX Player provided users with multiple authentication options. Users could easily log in using their Facebook credentials, simplifying the registration process and reducing friction. Another option provided was to log in with Google account, offering convenience and security. For users who preferred not to use social media logins, a phone number authentication option was also available, ensuring inclusivity and privacy.
  2. User Data Collection: Upon successful login, the user’s first and last name were collected to personalise the user experience and for communication purposes. Their date of birth was also collected allowing MX Player to verify age for age-restricted content and personalise recommendations based on age groups. Users were also asked to specify their gender to further personalise content recommendations.
  3. User Privacy and Data Security: MX Player took user privacy and data security seriously. It implemented robust security measures to protect user data, including encryption and secure storage. Additionally, users were informed about the data collection process through clear and transparent privacy policies.

The implementation of this login wall was a strategic move to enhance user engagement and deliver personalised content. By offering multiple authentication options and collecting relevant user data, MX Player was able to achieve these objectives while maintaining a strong focus on user privacy and data security.

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