Live TV


Live TV

Product Design

With the introduction of Live TV, MX Player embarked on a unique design journey that challenged the standard Electronic Program Guide (EPG) layout used across the industry. It transformed the way users engaged with Live TV by creating an experience that closely resembled a real-life remote control, setting new industry standards and earning recognition as a groundbreaking innovation.

  • The design innovation set a new standard in the OTT industry, earning recognition as a groundbreaking approach to Live TV
  • It catered to users with varying levels of digital literacy, making Live TV accessible to a broader audience
  • Users appreciated the familiarity of the remote control interface, leading to increased engagement with the Live TV feature
Live TV

Design and Strategy

The aim was to create an experience that felt familiar yet advanced. To do so, an innovative design that functioned more like a traditional remote control was introduced.


  1. Remote Control Interface: The conventional grid-based EPG was replaced with a virtual remote control interface, complete with a channel list and a navigation pad.
  2. Channel Surfing Experience: A channel list with thumbnails was incorporated, enabling users to swipe through channels, similar to flipping through TV channels on a traditional television.
  3. Intuitive Navigation: A user-friendly grid layout for the channel guide was added, making it easy for users to explore and discover content.
  4. Personalisation: Users could also set reminders for upcoming shows, similar to setting reminders on a physical TV.
  5. Seamless Integration: Live TV was seamlessly integrated into the MX Player app, allowing users to transition effortlessly from on-demand content to live television, ensuring a cohesive user experience.

The innovative design of MX Player’s Live TV experience marked a significant milestone in the OTT industry. By offering a unique and intuitive way to interact with live content, MX Player successfully bridged the gap between traditional TV and digital streaming. This innovation set a precedent for reimagining how Live TV can be experienced on streaming platforms, making MX Player a forerunner in the field.

Live TV

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