Live Sony Content

Live TV

Product Design

Third-Party Integration

To enhance content offerings, live TV from Sony channels was onboarded. A seamless and intuitive experience was designed around it that not only allowed users to stream live TV but also provided detailed show information, timings, and the ability to set reminders for upcoming shows.

  • The introduction of Sony content significantly increased user engagement, as users now had access to a wider range of content options
  • Users embraced the ability to set reminders for upcoming shows, resulting in a higher rate of show attendance and continued app usage
Live Sony Content

Research and Analysis

A market analysis was conducted to understand user preferences and demands for live TV content. Competitor apps offering live TV streaming were studied to identify strengths and weaknesses.

The Content Acquisition team negotiated licensing agreements with Sony channels to secure the rights for live TV content while a collaboration with Sony’s technical team was initiated to establish a secure content delivery pipeline.

  1. Wireframing: Wireframes and prototypes were created for the live TV section, ensuring integration with the existing information architecture.
  2. User Interface Design: A user-friendly interface that offered seamless navigation between multiple live content and a visually appealing program guide for browsing and selecting channels were designed.
  3. Reminders: An experience that allowed users to set reminders for specific shows was crafted.

The decision to integrate live TV content from Sony channels was a strategic move that enhanced the platform’s offerings and attracted a larger audience. By meticulously researching user preferences, designing an intuitive interface, and ensuring stable streaming performance, the integrated live TV experience met user expectations and contributed to the platform’s growth and success.

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