Games 2.0


Graphic Design

Product Design

The initial iteration of the gaming section faced challenges in terms of user engagement and retention. To address these issues, a project to revamp the entire gaming experience was embarked upon.

  • User engagement saw a substantial increase with users spending more time exploring and playing games on MX Player.
  • The introduction of money icons and incentives led to increased monetisation opportunities, generating additional revenue for MX Player without causing any negative impact on user satisfaction.
Games 2.0

Research and Analysis

The project kicked off with a comprehensive analysis of the existing gaming section. User feedback, data analytics, and competitor research were instrumental in identifying pain points and opportunities for improvement. The research revealed that users found the previous gaming interface cluttered and confusing, leading to suboptimal engagement.

  1. Bolder Artwork: A bolder and more visually appealing artwork for games was introduced. This not only made the gaming section more visually engaging but also helped in distinguishing games from one another.
  2. Gameplay Previews: A major enhancement was the addition of gameplay previews. Users could now see a brief glimpse of the game before playing it, improving their decision-making process and increasing the likelihood of engagement.
  3. Money Icons: To introduce a monetisation element, money icons were added, indicating in-game rewards or prizes. This created an incentive for users to explore these games.

MX Games 2.0 was launched to a select group of users for beta testing. Their feedback was invaluable in fine-tuning the user experience and addressing any issues that arose during the initial rollout.

This project exemplifies the power of user-centric design and continuous improvement. By addressing user feedback and implementing a range of UX enhancements, MX Player was able to transform its gaming section into a more engaging and profitable component of its platform.

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