Fraud Management in Games


Product Design

Cheaters and hackers often seek to gain an unfair advantage in tournaments, undermining the integrity of competitive play. To combat this issue, a robust fraud detection and restriction system was designed and successfully deployed.

  • The introduction of the restricted participation wall led to a substantial decrease in cheating incidents
  • Legitimate players praised the efforts to maintain fair gameplay, as it significantly improved their gaming experience
  • Addressing fraud helped rebuild trust with the player community, boosting MX Player’s reputation as a gaming provider committed to fairness
Fraud Management in Games

Research and Strategy

MX Player’s gaming section hosts various tournaments, attracting players from all over the country. As the popularity grew, so did instances of fraudulent activities such as cheating, exploiting vulnerabilities, and using third-party software to gain an unfair edge. These actions not only spoiled the gaming experience for honest players but also tarnished their reputation as a gaming provider.

To address these challenges, a comprehensive fraud management system was introduced. The key components of this system were:

  1. Real-time Detection: An advanced fraud detection algorithm was integrated that constantly monitored player activities during tournaments. These algorithms analysed gameplay data, identifying suspicious patterns and behaviours indicative of cheating.
  2. Restricted Participation Wall: When a player was detected engaging in fraudulent activities, a wall was introduced that displayed a clear message, preventing them from participating in tournaments.
  3. Customer Care Support: To ensure that legitimate players could resolve issues quickly, a dedicated customer care team specifically trained to handle fraud-related inquiries was put in place. Players could reach out to this team for assistance in rectifying the situation.

The implementation of a fraud management system, featuring real-time detection and a restricted participation wall, was a significant milestone in the ongoing battle against fraudulent activities in online gaming. By taking decisive action against cheaters while providing support for legitimate players, MX Player fortified their commitment to providing a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for all.

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