The Nexus 6P Yellow Tint problem is real!

The Nexus 6P Yellow Tint problem is real!

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A fter using the Nexus 5 for more than 2 years, I was so delighted to pre-order the Nexus 6P a month ago. The Nexus 5 was a handset perfect in all aspects – performance, display, durability. And I obviously had great expectations with the Nexus 6P. The package arrived yesterday after a long one month wait. I was happy as a kid in the candy store. Instantly began setting it up, and tweeting about all the goodness it came packed with.

However, I happened to notice that the display seemed a bit awkward when placed next to my Nexus 5. I immediately began investigating and realized that my brand new Nexus 6P had a yellow tint to it. I tried disabling Adaptive Brightness and amping up the display to 100% brightness to see if the tint went away. Still there. I even tried enabling the Standard RGB mode from within Developer options. Although it did reduce the unwanted saturation levels, the yellow tint still persists.

Here’s how the colour picker tool in Photoshop reacts to the screen hues. Notice that in my Nexus 5, the hue borders more towards gray, while my Nexus 6P borders more towards a warmer orange. Although this is not exactly an accurate method, it still provides a strong visual hint.

The Nexus 6P Yellow Tint problem is real!

To add to this, when you view the Nexus 6P screen from an angle, you see all sorts of pinkish and greenish tints. Right next to it, the Nexus 5 looks perfect from every angle. This is typical of Samsung devices, which is why I never prefer their handsets – no matter how advanced.

The Nexus 6P Yellow Tint problem is real!

And hey, it’s not only me. I think the entire stock is defective as can be seen in these tweets.

As I write this, I have already requested for a refund, as have many others. Looks like Google really messed up their Nexus series by partnering with Huawei. Utterly disappointed!

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  1. It can be fixed by an App called Screen adjuster. Setting Blue value to 8.
    The pinkish color is due to fact that Nexus 6P uses Samsung’s AMOLED screen.

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