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Integrity comes at a price

Sep 7, 2014

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] ntegrity doesn’t come from the easy stuff. It’s effortless to think of yourself as a person of integrity, simply by not doing things you don’t really want to do. That job torturing puppies sure would make a lot of money! But you won’t take it because you have integrity. You could so easily push this old woman down and steal her purse. You won’t. You know why? Integrity. Child labour laws are for suckers. Surely any competent ten-year-old could do this content audit, and you could pay her in candy! Alas, you can’t do that, because of your integrity.

Integrity comes in the hard choices, from saying no to things you wish you could say yes to. It’s refusing to take a project you might enjoy and that would pay well because you don’t respect the values of the organization. It’s walking away from a business partnership that offers you significant benefits in terms of exposure and collaboration because you learn your business partner is not a man of integrity. It’s ending a friendship with a person you genuinely like because you realize he doesn’t truly have your back.

Integrity means living with the right choice when every fibre of your being is shrieking but it’s not fair. Integrity comes at a price. And it’s worth it. Business relationships come to an end. There’s always another project, another client, another conference. Friendships come and go.

Your relationship with yourself is forever. There is power in knowing what you will say no to. The world may never be fair to you, but you can be fair to yourself.

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