Sunlounger – Another Day On The Terrace

Sunlounger – Another Day On The Terrace

About six months ago, the word was out that DJ Shah was working on an artist album under his Sunlounger alias. And this tiny piece of news was enough to get the masses excited. Masses who were in love with the music that Shah defines as ‘Balearic‘. Now with the album released, we finally have a Disc which is going to stay resident in your CD player for a long, long time. Let’s get started with the music, shall we?

01 – Another Day On The Terrace

“Another Day On The Terrace” begins with a laid back melody. The sweeping mellow guitars carry the track and very effortlessly welcome the beats that put a perfect start for the Balearic journey. Slow but tight beats continue to ease your senses as more elements are added to the track. A breakdown and then the track explodes with all the synths it has to offer.

02 – In & Out

“In & Out” is probably the biggest tune by Shah in his Reworked edition. Here we have the Original Mix. You would have to admit that this is the most emotional track among his productions. We all have heard the remixed version in ‘A State Of Trance 2007’, and this is no less. More guitar work gives the track a very racy yet a chillout feel. The vocals add to the effect and make for an enjoyable ride.

03 – Hierbas Ibicencas

In “Hierbas Ibicencas”, we have swaying electric guitars now added to yet another beauty by Shah. This track consists of very calm & soothing guitar riffs placed perfectly over 4×4 beats. The track moves slowly and steadily building things up along the way.

04 – Crawling (feat. Zara Taylor)

Make way for a next major single in Shah’s career – “Crawling”. He sure made a great decision by featuring Zara Taylor on vocals. The track is slow but proves heavy on the subs. Great beats with subtle guitar riffs scattered throughout the track. The vocals float beautifully above the beats and make this a standout track on the album. Zara did a really fantastic job on the vocals. She’s got that perfect voice for chill out Trance music. Watch out for her in the near future.

05 – White Sand

The track that started it all. “White Sand” is as fresh as ever with its perfect beachy feel and vibes that it throws. The guitars are used to perfection and the sound of waves splashing behind add to the overall beauty. This track indeed defines Sunlounger.

06 – Keep Our Ring

“Keep Our Ring” is a mellow track which will get you hooked right from the first listen. As the track beautifully flows, the crippled vocals transform into something really mesmerising. Standout vocal track on the album which will leave you spellbound.

07 – A Balearic Dinner (feat. Seis Cuerdas)

‘Balearic’ is the word Shah describes his music as. To the layman, it might be just a blend of chillout Trance music coupled with mellow guitar work, but there’s more to it. Listen to “A Balearic Dinner” and you can realize how music can cross boundaries so effortlessly.

08 – Losing Again

“Losing Again” is the next emotive production that adds lots of punch on the subs. Vaporising vocals chanting “It feels like I’m losing again… It feels like we’ve come to an end” over low moving synths & beats gradually lead the track to a euphoric climax. Really trippy stuff! My personal favourite.

09 – Lounging By The Sea

The productions get richer & richer as each track passes by. And the best part is that each track exactly defines the kind of music you would expect with its title. You would actually want to lounge by the sea when enjoying the beautiful moments offered by the track “Lounging By The Sea”.

10 – Aguas Blancas

“Aguas Blancas” is the second Sunlounger single that lifts off with fantastic guitar work. This one didn’t do as well as “White Sand” but nonetheless it’s a great listen. Very calm & serene, this track will set you in the right mood.

11 – Shine On Me

“Shine On Me” was made especially for the clubs. More on the trancy side with its super effective synths. The vocals are slaughtered to full effect instantly transforming your state of mind from a relaxed mood to a dance floor frenzy.

This debut artist album has been loved everywhere and will continue to fascinate those who haven’t got a copy of it yet. Miss this at your own peril.

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