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Android Lollipop UI Kit

Nov 30, 2014

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] ndroid was never about design. It was always driven towards customisability and functionality. But with the introduction of Android Lollipop, Google took a step forward and brought design to the forefront. They called it Material Design. As the community now moves forward to designing apps for Lollipop, a lot of UI kits have surfaced. I tried and tested a few, but all had some inconsistencies here and there. So in my effort to make my work easier, I decided to create an Android Lollipop UI Kit of my own. This is a work in progress and I will keep releasing PSDs as and when they are ready.

For now, you can download the UI Kit for the first screen of Gmail below. Each object has been recreated, each layer carefully organised and labelled, making extensive use of grids as well. Let me know if this was helpful for your project.

[prompt type=”left” title=”UI Kit for Gmail” message=”Download the Android Lollipop UI Kit for Gmail now.” button_text=”Download .ZIP” href=””]

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