Design in the Age of AI: The Future of Product and Graphic Design

Design in the Age of AI: The Future of Product and Graphic Design

The AI Revolution

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the world in many ways, and our design industry is no exception. In recent months, we have seen AI integrate with graphic design apps to enhance creativity. However, the role of AI in design is set to expand even further in the next few years. AI will soon become an integral part of not just graphic design apps, but also product design apps. We will see deeper integrations with AI/AI plugins that will not only make workflows faster but also make designers more efficient.

Supercharge Yourself with Prompts

Prompts will play a critical role in design – they may make or break the entire user journey. So what are “prompts”? In simple words, these are a set of instructions that will give direction to AI algorithms. These instructions will be used to generate outputs such as user journeys, colour schemes, typography and possibly entire design systems. Understanding the correct usage of prompts will become integral in ensuring that the AI algorithms generate accurate and useful outputs. Therefore, designers will not only need to have a good visual sense but also be able to write apt prompts that are simple, precise, and convey their intent.

Embracing AI

Designers must begin embracing the technology rather than running away from it. AI has the potential to transform the way designers will work, offering new opportunities to enhance creativity, efficiency, and accuracy.

Automating routine and repetitive tasks will free up the designer’s time so they can focus on more complex and creative aspects of their work. This will lead to improved efficiency, allowing designers to take on more projects and deliver better quality work in less time. AI will also be able to help with accuracy and accessibility.

Embracing AI will help us stay ahead of the curve. As AI will continue to evolve and become more prevalent in the industry, designers who are proficient in working with AI will have a competitive edge over those who are not.

AI is here to stay.


  1. Interesting take, Priyank and about time it came from you. While most of the designers are seeing it as a threat – it’s actually an enabler for them to spend more productive time by freeing up mundane tasks

  2. Maybe not only designers, but also a lot of other industries will be influenced by AI. Everyone has to learn and keep up with the pace of technology evolution.

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