Allow non-admin users to install Fonts in Windows

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attrib -r -s %systemroot%fonts
takeown /f "%systemroot%fonts" /r /d n
icacls "%systemroot%fonts" /grant USERNAMEorGROUP:M /t
icacls "%systemroot%system32FNTCACHE.dat" /grant USERNAMEorGROUP:M /t
attrib +s %systemroot%fonts

Create a batch file with the commands above and run it as an administrator. Non-admin users will now to be able to install fonts in Windows.

I was essentially faced with this issue when I was employed at Sony Entertainment Television. For every single font I wanted installed, the IT guy had to personally come to my desk, log in as an Admin and install the font. Too cumbersome right? This was also the time when I discovered that Windows has no setting to provide read/write access to the Fonts folder for non-admin users.

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