Priyank Sharma

Code Snippets

Code Snippets Nov 23, 2013 Send Mail from any Email ID

Simply replace the data in red with whatever you require. You will be able to send an email to anyone you want and make it look like it’s coming from anyone you like.

Code Snippets Oct 20, 2013 Allow non-admin users to install Fonts in Windows

Windows has no setting to provide read/write access to the Fonts folder for non-admin users.

Code Snippets Feb 9, 2012 HTML5 Offline Caching

Here’s a simple and straightforward 3-step guide on how to implement Offline Caching on your website.

Code Snippets Apr 5, 2011 Resetting HTML5 Search Input in Webkit

A rock-solid solution to perform an HTML5 Search Input reset in Webkit. Simply include this code snippet in your CSS file.

Code Snippets Mar 28, 2011 Enabling Gzip Compression

Gzip is by far, the most popular and efficient method when it comes to compressing data sent by web servers to browsers.

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