Why Men Want Sex And Women Need Love

Why Men Want Sex And Women Need Love

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A very interesting insight into the initial phase of relationships:

Studies by David Buss showed that when couples are in the falling-in-love phase, men's testosterone levels decrease and their oxytocin levels rise to make the bonding process quicker. This makes men softer, gentler, and more easygoing. At the same time, women's testosterone levels rise with the excitement and confidence they feel at the start of a new relationship. This increased testosterone makes women hornier, giving the couple the illusion that male and female sex drives must be the same. When this “shagathon” period ends, about three to nine months into a new relationship, their sex drives return to the “default position”, leaving a man with the idea that she’s gone off sex and giving her the impression that he’s a sex maniac. Many relationships end at this point.

This being just the tip of the iceberg, there’s an entire treasure of knowledge to be discovered in this book titled ‘Why Men Want Sex And Women Need Love’ by acclaimed authors Barbara & Allan Pease.

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