Trance assholes!

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Trance music has gradually picked up and a lot of folks everywhere who love music have come to embrace its beauty. Ten years ago, very few knew what “Trance” music was all about and it was generally counted amongst the alternative styles of music. As 2010 is slowly coming to an end, I see a Trance explosion happening like never before. I’ve been witnessing this baby grow up to eventually become an adult. And I feel really proud that I’ve been following this style of music since the nineties.

Trance music has evolved in more ways than could be imagined. However the basic idea remains the same: to get you into a state of trance.

That was the interesting part. But more recently as Trance music is becoming a global phenomenon, there are a lot of jackasses springing up in the scene too. They usually go by the motto of: “You don’t like this track? Screw you, I shagged your mother yesterday!” Dude you are NOT being cool. You are just making a dick of yourself. People don’t talk about you, they make fun of you. You do not deserve to be called a Trancer because you are a hater.

The last time I remember, Trancers were nice and happy people. But times have changed and a lot of it has to do with maturity too. If you’re 16 and you think just because you like Trance you cannot listen to other genres because someone told you it’s music, then you’ll probably act all gangster about it.

Trance music is based upon the idea of PLUR which means Peace, Love, Unity & Respect. If this doesn’t make sense to you, you might as well STFU!

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