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Studies? What?

Jul 5, 2010

So this guy barely having command over his English calls me the other day for a job opening. Showing no interest whatsoever, I decide to entertain him for a couple of moments. (I honestly don’t like disrespecting people no matter how stupid they might come across as) Anyway, back to the phone call.

[alert type=”success”]Recruiter: Am I speaking to Priyank?
Me: Yes, this is Priyank.
Recruiter: This is regarding an urgent opening in Mumbai for a web 2.0 guy.
Me: What is the offer like?
Recruiter: CTC won’t be an issue but I’d like to know what have you done after your HSC?
Me: Nothing, I’m an undergraduate.
Recruiter: Why is that so?
Me: Because graduation is not a requirement in my career.
Recruiter: Ohh… That I’m afraid, would be a problem.
Me: No worries, I myself won’t be interested in joining an organization which lays more importance to certificates than to actual talent and experience. Thank you![/alert]

And I hung up. I mean, are you serious? I have learnt nothing from schooling except for those alphabets and numerals (the actual credit needs to go to my Mom honestly). I’m a self-taught professional and 97% of what I am today is because of the Internet. And I intend to stay that way!

BTW, the organization was Tata Consultancy Services. Hard luck guys! 😉

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