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So this guy barely having command over his English calls me the other day for a job opening. Showing no interest whatsoever, I decide to entertain him for a couple of moments. (I honestly don’t like disrespecting people no matter how stupid they might come across as) Anyway, back to the phone call.

Recruiter: Am I speaking to Priyank?
Me: Yes, this is Priyank.
Recruiter: This is regarding an urgent opening in Mumbai for a web 2.0 guy.
Me: What is the offer like?
Recruiter: CTC won’t be an issue but I’d like to know what have you done after your HSC?
Me: Nothing, I’m an undergraduate.
Recruiter: Why is that so?
Me: Because graduation is not a requirement in my career.
Recruiter: Ohh… That I’m afraid, would be a problem.
Me: No worries, I myself won’t be interested in joining an organization which lays more importance to certificates than to actual talent and experience. Thank you!

And I hung up. I mean, are you serious? I have learnt nothing from schooling except for those alphabets and numerals (the actual credit needs to go to my Mom honestly). I’m a self-taught professional and 97% of what I am today is because of the Internet. And I intend to stay that way!

BTW, the organization was Tata Consultancy Services. Hard luck guys! 😉

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  1. He must have approached you after reading your CV, hence he really did want to insult you. Or probably, recruiters do give light calls to undergraduate people. Gives them something to laugh about.

    But good, YOU GAVE HIM BACK!

    – Mandar

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