Priyank Sharma

Sadly, there is no cure for stupidity

Jul 20, 2013

The average IQ of our Aam Janta is below 69 or in other words extremely low. And I’ll explain why.

Last night while leaving for home, the road immediately outside my workplace’s complex was jam-packed with traffic. Now, this is an unusual phenomenon, since this location itself lies in a traffic-free zone. Not wanting to get stuck, I decided to move out from the entry gate. Now here’s where the head security shows up, not permitting me to leave since that gate is specifically for entrance. Upon explaining him the predicament, he proclaimed that rules are rules, and there is not even a slight chance that he will bend them. Looking at me a few more vehicles lined up behind me asking the security to open the gates. But this guy was adamant and refused to budge. This is when I had come out of the car and had to again explain to him that a lot of us are waiting to get out and because of his stubbornness, he is actually becoming an inconvenience to us all. A crowd had gathered by that time and I demanded to speak to the Head of Facilities there. With no option in hand, he had to speak to his Sahab who asked him to open the gate and all of us were out in a jiffy.

The point here was, this security guard understood the rules – Entry gate for vehicles to go in and Exit gate for them to go out. But he clearly DID NOT understand the purpose of the rule – to maintain discipline and to avoid inconvenience. Rules are built on purpose, a purpose to make things more organized and convenient for everyone. In rare cases, if such rules defy their purpose, they need to be bent. Eventually, he had to let us all out but in the process, he had managed to waste an hour of everyone’s time.

I remember asking him what if the building was on fire, would he still not allow people to escape from the Entry gate? To that, he had no answer! That is plain stupid.

Photograph: Borayin Maitreya Larios’ Flickr stream


  • Sean Faia Jul 22, 2013


  • Navroop Chahal Dec 14, 2013


  • Hardik Jan 10, 2014

    I agree with you. But the problem for security guards is that if he had allowed you without the consent of the “Head of Security”, then he would have got scolding left and right.

    They are not stupid, they just care for their jobs.

    • Priyank Sharma Jan 10, 2014

      That exactly is my point Hardik. They should be taught to react to situations. They are the security after all and everyone depends on them for their safety – which is of utmost importance.

  • Param Dec 10, 2014

    Hi Priyank,

    I totally agree with Hardik.
    Head Security in advance, should delegate that much rights , to that security guard.

    • Priyank Sharma Dec 11, 2014

      Exactly my point. They need to be trained on how to react in such situations. Eventually, he had to give way, which he could’ve done earlier as well.

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