People will do just about anything

People will do just about anything

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Night King

The last time my friend went to get his night falls checked, the doctor said, “Do not worry, you are the Night King!” And when I looked at this huge sticker on this cab, I could not help but pity the owner. 🙂

Just Chill Babe’s

If you were a woman and some guy approached you with a wannabe line like “Just Chill Babe’s”, wouldn’t you feel like planting a strong kick between his thighs? Think about it!

No Fear

This sticker of “No Fear” is shamelessly worn by most of the losers I know. Be it their Enrique caps or bandanas, everyone from Pappu to Chunnu wears it. So what ya not fearing about loser? Go to the borders and fight with this attitude. I bet you will shit-your-pants-yellow on a mere gunshot!

Don’t Throw Derbis

An idiotic neon sign with a typo? People with such high quotient of English deserve a kick on their reproductory organs. And I’m not talking about those illiterate poor labourers who made the sign board but the disgusting owner who approved it. “Don’t throw Derbis”, oh well, thanks for the right apostrophe placement!

Don’t Pluck Flowers or Touch Tree

Don’t Pluck Flowers or Touch Tree”. Statements like these really scare me. Whoever must have put this must have been sexually abused in his childhood.

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  1. man nice pics along with comments …specially da last 2 ……will get u more such pics …….newayz u doin a gr8 job …just like a newspaper editor……lol

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