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Further proof that anti-piracy organizations are run by morons

Jul 28, 2013

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] love music and the result was Trance Hub. A lot of you already know about it. However, my love for music also gave rise to Sound Whore. I post my favourite tunes on there all of the time – as and when I discover them. There’s also a sample for each track so that readers can experience the music while they read my thoughts about it.

So someone from the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) sent me a notice to put down a page as it was violating their copyright. I’m trying to promote their music here and they’re sending me copyright notices. Weird and funny. Seems to me that an intern in their organization searched for this track – “Roger Shah feat. Carla Werner – One Love (Andrew Rayel Remix)“. And to finish the project quickly, because they had to maybe get home, added all the links that Google showed up in their notice. They didn’t even bother to go through the page.

Anyway, the law-abiding man that I am, I pulled down the page. But, as much as I am against piracy – I’m very much against stupidity and dumbness as well. Thus I wrote a counter notice to them which goes something like this:

[alert type=”info” close=”false” heading=”To whomsoever it may concern,”]It is a great genuine effort that you are trying to get links removed (from Google) that infringe copyright – namely websites which offer your music for free download.

I, on the other hand am simply trying to promote your music. If you had paid close attention to my page then you would have noticed that it only plays a sample of the track and NOT the entire track. Also, there is no download facility for that sample. To add to this, the footer of the page clearly mentions “All tunes featured here are copyrighted creations of their respective owners”.

If you still think that I’m pirating your music or am responsible for a dent in your sales, please let me know and I will very gladly remove the link from my website.

On a side note, I happen to run a widely known global trance music website titled Trance Hub – If you look at the amount of Armada Music material that we promote on the website without expecting anything in return, I’m sure you would not have sent me this notice.

A piece of advise: go ahead and kill piracy – I’m with you on that. But don’t become so anal about it that you try and bring down every website that even mentions about your music. Please understand the meaning of piracy first.

Priyank Sharma[/alert]

Looking forward to their reply.

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