Clubbing today has just become a routine!

Clubbing today has just become a routine!

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Browsing through my music collection, I came across this artwork for Bonito & Trooper – Journey Of Life. Now this graphic dates back to 2004 which is a good 10 years.

Back then, this is how we visualised Trance Music – fantastical, futuristic and other-worldly. And look today what we see – massive concerts with fuckin’ 13-year olds dancing semi-naked to tunes they have never heard of. What happened to “it’s all about the music?” Where’s the passion?

Indeed, clubbing today has just become a routine!

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  1. Trance music now comes with huge influence of electro which is spoiling the beauty of it. What do we blame? Herd production mentality? Technology? Quest to mint money by making big room sounds? I guess all of them…

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