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Asilo St. Regis, a disgrace to Mumbai’s nightlife

Feb 15, 2015

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] silo, a plush rooftop lounge, sits on top of the St. Regis hotel. That’s what they say. In reality, far from “plush”. Allow me to explain why.

We had booked a table for two on Valentine’s Day – which also happens to be our Anniversary. At the time of booking, we were not specifically told that the slot would only be for two hours. We were already running late by an hour and we had called up the restaurant to confirm our booking so that our table is not given to someone else – which is exactly what happened when we finally reached.

Let’s focus on the “2 hours”. Are you seriously kidding me? Who spends just two hours on a Valentine Date night. Actually, any date night or any dinner session for that matter. No other restaurant have we ever come across has a time limit.

Now, not to act like the wolf with the sour grapes, but seriously we were glad we just left without further trying to talk to the unprofessional staff. The pictures online are not to be taken seriously – in reality, Asilo is a crammed-up place. It is a shabby crown of disgrace, which just happens to sit on the rooftop of the St. Regis Hotel – that’s it. It’s just another dingy restaurant which deserves no more attention than a cheap bar.

We’ve had better experiences with rooftop restaurants in the city. And we eventually headed for a wonderful fine dining experience at Trident. The only regret? Wasting those hours travelling to this place.

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