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Send Mail from any Email ID

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Simply replace the data in red with whatever you require. You will be able to send an email to anyone you want and make it look like it’s coming from anyone you like.


Allow non-admin users to install Fonts in Windows

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Windows has no setting to provide read/write access to the Fonts folder for non-admin users.

How to transform any road to Mumbai roads

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to quickly transform any beautiful road to Mumbai roads in 7 simple steps.


Further proof that anti-piracy organizations are run by morons

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I love music and the result was Trance Hub. A lot of you already know about it. However, my love for music also gave rise to Sound Whore. I post my favourite tunes on there all of the time as and when I discover them. There’s also a sample for each track so that readers can experience the music as well while they read my thoughts about it. So someone from the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) sent me a notice to put down a page as it was violating…read more

Sadly, there is no cure for stupidity

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The average IQ of our Aam Janta is below 69, or in other words extremely low. And I’ll explain why. Last night while leaving for home, the road immediately outside my workplace’s complex was jam-packed with traffic. Now, this is an unusual phenomena, since this location itself lies in a traffic-free zone. Not wanting to get stuck, I decided to move out from the entry gate. Now here’s where the head security shows up, not permitting me to leave since that gate is specifically for entrance. Upon explaining him the…read more

HTML5 Offline Caching

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Here’s an easy guide on how to implement Offline Caching in 3 simple steps on any website.

Why Men Want Sex And Women Need Love

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A very interesting insight into the initial phase of relationships: Studies by David Buss showed that when couples are in the falling-in-love phase, men’s testosterone levels decrease and their oxytocin levels rise to make the bonding process quicker. This makes men softer, gentler, and more easygoing. At the same time, women’s testosterone levels rise with the excitement and confidence they feel at the start of a new relationship. This increased testosterone makes women hornier, giving the couple the illusion that male and female sex drives must be the same. When…read more

Resetting HTML5 Search Input in Webkit

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A rock-solid solution to perform an HTML5 Search Input reset in Webkit. Simply include this code snippet in your CSS file.

Enabling Gzip Compression

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Gzip is by far, the most popular and efficient method when it comes to compressing data sent by web servers to browsers.

Food for thought

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The best way to survive education is to decide very early what you want to do with your life, based on your personal interests, and what qualifications, if any, you would need to pursue this as a career. Keep in mind that the person who knows how to think needs no teachers. 90% of what it takes to get through life is common sense. Once you have decided what you want to do with your life, you’ve created a dream, which is a destination to work towards. You have to…read more