Integrity comes at a price

Integrity doesn’t come from the easy stuff. It comes in the hard choices, from saying no to things you wish you could say yes to.

Send Mail from any Email ID

Simply replace the data in red with whatever you require. You will be able to send an email to anyone you want and make it look like it’s coming from anyone you like.

Further proof that anti-piracy organizations are run by morons

I love music and the result was Trance Hub. A lot of you already know about it. However, my love for music also gave rise to Sound Whore. I post my favourite tunes on there all of the time as and when I discover them. There’s also a sample for each track so that readers can experience the music as …

Sadly, there is no cure for stupidity

The average IQ of our Aam Janta is below 69, or in other words extremely low. And I’ll explain why. Last night while leaving for home, the road immediately outside my workplace’s complex was jam-packed with traffic. Now, this is an unusual phenomena, since this location itself lies in a traffic-free zone. Not wanting to get stuck, I decided to …